A Brief History of La Filature

In 1982, artists established themselves in the building located at 205 Montcalm St. in Hull and founded La 7e ouest, a print-making studio that in 1983 became the artist-run centre AXENÉO7. The Centre de production DAÏMÕN was also founded there in 1986 to bring together photographers and artists interested in the new medium of the day, video.
             The building was in poor condition and, in the late 1980s, the project of a new space began to take shape. Numerous studies and more than a decade were required for La Filature to take shape, opening on 25 January 2002. This dream has not been a disappointment, and to date numerous artists have benefited from the multi-purpose spaces and services on offer at La Filature by AXENÉO7 and DAÏMÕN.